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If you intentionally or unintentionally change the type of inspection to a lower price, you will be charged the remainder of the fee at a later date.


Cancellation & Refund Policy Vehicle Inspections Services - Upon placing your order, we begin working on it immediately. Because of this, if you cancel your order prior to the Inspector starting fulfillment the order, you will be issued a refund of 50% of the order price. Advantage Equipment Inspections will not issue any refunds if you cancel your order after the Inspector has begun fulfillment of the order. Fulfillment of the order is defined as the work required to carry out the duties and expectations of the order, to include but are not limited to; the inspector has established an appointment time with the vehicle owner/seller or site, actively being in route to an inspection site, has arrived at the inspection site, and/or has begun inspecting the vehicle.

Condition report only. Advantage Equipment Inspections does not guarantee mechanical reliability, nor does it assume any financial responsibility for repairs or other costs.

By clicking Buy Now below, you agree to the above Cancellation & Refund policy and acknowledge this is only an equipment condition report.

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